Caring for the vulnerable elderly in Strand, South Africa.

Sencit Resthaven provides loving care to the destitute elderly in our community who have nowhere else to go, providing them healthcare, food, accommodation, and entertainment.
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How we help

Sencit Resthaven contributes to our community in the following ways:

We provide employment for people in the community.

With 21 staff members and counting, we provide meaningful employment to people that want to make a real difference to real people in need.

We provide professional care to our residents.

By employing qualified nursing staff and dedicated, caring individuals to assist them, we are able to give our residents excellent care, regardless of their l

We keep our charges to an absolute minimum.

We can't do the specialized things we do for free, but we can charge the bare minimum to get by, so that our residents have access to care no matter their financial circumstances.

We strengthen family and community involvement.

Through outreach initiatives that brings the community together around our elderly, we bring both family and other local people together in a way that offers benefits to all involved and fosters unity and compassion.
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Current initiatives

Sencit Corporate Golf Day

Erinvale Golf Club
Wednesday, 25 October 2023
Contact: Cheryl Cornelissen
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Sencit Salsa Dance Event

Sencit Resthaven
Saturday, 4 November 2023
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How can I help?

Our challenges

All NPO's doing good work face large obstacles, and we're certainly no exception. Some of our biggest ones include:

Monthly Operating Costs

Since October 2021, we have struggled to meet our operational costs monthly as our savings was used to meet the shortfall of previous months.
This includes staff salaries.

Monthly Required Building Maintenance

Another monthly expense, we also struggle to bring in the necessary funds to perform building maintenance that aligns with the strict Department of Social Development requirements.

Residents' Needs

  • Diagnostics set
  • Railings in the bathrooms/toilets
  • Incontinency products (adult nappies especially)
  • Digital thermometers
  • Electronic blood pressure monitors
  • Toilet seats
  • Any food/groceries always welcome!
  • Arts and crafts items (paint, beads, glue, colour pens, etc)

Staff Needs

  • First Aid Training, Occupational Health and Safety Training.
  • Support needed in uplifting staff morale.
  • We need a handy man/gardener to be employed to keep the garden and back yard in order.

Infrastructure Needs

  • Urgent general maintenance of the building
  • Painting, external and internal
  • Room cupboards need to be replaced: doors falling apart
  • Maintenance of back and front gardens

How to help

The best way to help Sencit Resthaven is by the donation of funds, which we can then channel into the various needs of our residents, staff and infrastructure. All donations are tax-deductible.
If you would like to help us in any other way, please get in touch with our General Manager, Mr. Broidy Ortell, at and he will be thrilled to hear from you!
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